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Home Health

The patient must be post hospitalization or referred for home health from the physician's office.
Criteria for Home Health Care under Medicare:


Patient must be Home-bound and unable to function outside of the home without a considerable and taxing effort (i.e. with the aid of another person and/or device).

Have an ...

Have an exacerbation of an existing illness of onset of a new disease process

SN, PT, or ...

SN, PT, or SLP need on an intermittent basis


Administer IM injections


Teach administration when appropriate


Supervise administration

Our Services


Speech Therapy

♦ Treatment to improve speech

♦ Swallowing Disorders

♦ Dysphagia Evaluation & Treatment

Occupational Therapy

♦ Assist with Motor coordination

♦ Performance of ADLs

♦ Education on adaptive devices

Medical Social Work

♦ Provide Community resources

♦ Counseling for long term planning

♦ Secure Adequate Financial Resources     Housing Assistance

♦ Assist with coping skills

Physical Therapy

♦ Therapeutic exercises

♦ Balance Activities

♦ Improve Functional Mobility

♦ Gross Motor Skills

♦ TENS Therapy

Skilled Nursing

♦ Assessment and Care coordination

♦ Prevent Rehospitalization

♦ Blood drawing and Lab work

♦ Medication Management

♦ Management of Chronic Symptoms

♦ Diabetic teaching

♦ IV therapy

♦ Wound care

♦ Ostomy care

♦ NG tube, G tubes, & Tracheostomy Care

Home Health Aids

♦ Bathing and Skin care

♦ Personal Care Needs

♦ Assisting in feeding patient

♦ Light House Chores

♦ Meal Preparation

Loving Care To You is committed to individualized quality care

This phase of the human journey is a time when complex physical, emotional,
and spiritual issues come together at the same time.

About Loving Care To You

Loving Care To You is committed to individualized quality care.
Every individual deserves the quality of life that he or she wants near life's end

Bereavement Services

Loving Care To You believes in caring for clients and their families. Loving Care To You ensures that our clients are involved in their health care decisions.

Loving Care To You does not discriminate against age, race, color, sex/gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability in the hiring of employees or the treatment of clients.

  • Spiritual Support
  • Individual Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Further Information

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Loving Care To You believes in continuous quality improvement and performance improvement. We want to provide the highest quality of care possible.
Please let us know if you were satisfied with the care provided by our staff.

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